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The Vegetarian Flavor Bible


その本というのは、N.Y.C在住のフードライターでJames Beard賞を何度も受賞された著者のKaren Pageさんとその夫で、元シェフでありフォトグラファーのAndrew Dornenburgさんの初めての写真が掲載されたお二人の本The Vegetarian Flavor Bible


この”The Vegetarian Flavor Bible”は、タイトル通り日々の食生活に大変役に立つ情報で溢れています。特に、ヘルシーイーティングの方々には大変参考になります。食材に関する情報、栄養、料理方法、相性の良い食材など、料理や食材の知識の幅が広がります。食材を調べる辞書として使うのはもちろん素敵な心温まる写真を楽しみながら読書としても楽しめます。健康的な食生活や料理を愛する方に必見です!



vfb-with-noteI got a book from a friend recently with a sweet message. I am so fascinated with it! Therefore, I’d like to introduce it to everyone. The author is Karen Page who lives in NYC. She is a food writer and an awardee of a prestigious James Beard Prize. The photographer of the photos you can find on the book is her husband Andrew Dornenburg. He is a former restaurant chef and it is his first time to put his photos in her book.

It is very informative and is so useful to us who are health enthusiasts. It let us get to know more of the ingredient’s nutritional value, calorie equivalent, seasoning, cooking style and flavor matching list. You may not only use it as a dictionary but you can also enjoy reading with heart warming photos.

I highly recommend this for plant-based diet lover!

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